Citizen Services:--> Permit for Purchase, Possession, transport, use and consumption of Foreign liquor and country liquor

Introduction : In Maharashtra liquor permit is necessary for the purchase, possession transport, and consumption of liquor. Any person above the age of 25 years is eligible for obtaining the liquor permit for preservation and maintenance of his health. Purchase and drinking without a liquor permit is an offence under Bombay Prohibition Act 1949.

A) Under what Act/Rules the permit is issued :
Rule 70-D of Bombay Foreign liquor Rules 1953, which are issued under Bombay Prohibition Act 1949. One who desires to purchase foreign liquor and country liquor for possession transport, use and consumption shall apply under this rule.

B) Whom to Apply :
A person above the age of 25 years who desires to purchase foreign liquor for possession, transport and use, consumption shall apply to the Collector of Mumbai City / Superintendent of State Excise Mumbai or officer authorized by the State Govt.

In case of Mumbai City a person can apply to the area Excise Officer, at Boribunder Excise Station, Opera House Excise Station, or the office of the Superintendent of State Excise, Old Custom House, Mumbai. Tel No. 2266 4801

C) How to Apply :

D) Time Limit within which the permit will be delivered :
The liquor permits are issued for one year on recovery of Rs.25/- and Rs,75/- for a period of three years.The permits can be obtained immediately on submission of application

E) Complaint Redressal Authority :
The Collector, Mumbai City District or The Superintendent of State Excise,Mumbai City.