Citizen Services:--> How to Renew Licence for Bar / Shop

Introduction : In Mumbai City Restaurants with Grade I have been given the facility of obtaining the Bar Licence i.e. Permit room licence for "ON- Consumption" and FL II licences have been given to the shops to sale sealed Bottles for "OFF- Consumption". The duration of these licences is for one year i.e. 31st of March.

A. Under what Rule/Act the licence is issued :
Bombay Foreign Liquor Rules 1953. The licence is issued under the Rule 24, 44, 47 and Special Permit Rules 1952 for Beer Bars.

B. How to Apply :
Any person desiring to renew a licence shall, thirty days before the date of expiry of licence, apply for renewal thereoff. Every application shall be accompanied by a challan,evidence of payment of application fee of Rs.25/- and renewal fees as fixed by the State Govt. from time to time.

C) What documents are to be submitted along with the application :

D) Whom to apply :
Application to be sent to the Collector, Mumbai City or Superintendent of the State Excise, Mumbai City.
Tel No. 2266 4801

E) Time Limit :
The licence will be renewed, if the application is found satisfactory fulfilling all conditions.

F) Complaint Redressal Authority :
The Collector, Mumbai City or The Superintendent of State Excise, Mumbai City.