Citizen Services:--> Legal Heirship Certificate

Introduction: This certificate is issued for a limited purpose of receiving Government dues such as Govt. Provident Fund, Gratuity etc. to the legal heir of the deceased employee of the State and Central Govt.

A) Under what Act/Rules/Govt. orders, the certificate is issued : Maharashtra Treasury Rules, 1968, Rule 359

B) Which office to contact :
Concerned Window , Mumbai City Collectorate , Old Custom House, ground floor, Fort Mumbai-01

C) How to make an application :

D) What documents to attach along with the application :

E) Where to submit the application :
Concerned Window, Mumbai City Collectorate , Old Custom House,Ground floor, Fort Mumbai-01

F) Time limit within which the certificate will be delivered : 15 Days.

G) Complaint redressal authority : Tehsildar