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A) Introduction :
Registration means recording of the content of a document with a registering officer and preservation of copies of the original document.The documents are registered for the purpose of conservation of evidence, assurance of title , public documents and prevention. Also, registration help an intending purchaser to know if the title of particular property have been deposited with any person or a financial institution for the purpose obtaining an advance against the security of that property.

All documents pertaining to the properties either movable or immoveable are required to be registered under section 17 and 18 of the Registration Act, 1908, so that the property can be transferred if need be under the transferAct 1882.

B) Government Rules detail :
The documents are registered under various section of' the Indian Registration Act,1908

C) How to Apply :
No application is required, only fully stamped document along with the paper required according to the nature of document is to be presented before the Sub-Registrar within the prescribed time limit i.e. up to 4 months from the date of execution under Section 23 of the Indian Registration Act., 1908.

D) Documents to be attached :
Documents required for the registration of Sale Deed is completion Certificate or Commencement Certificate, if building is constructed after 1990 and for before 1990 the Assessment Tax Bill (Property Tax Bill) and Societies letter, is required and many other documents also required relating to that type of document, likely ULC order, Collector's NOC., Property Card etc.

E) Where to submit the Application :
No application is required only fully stamped document is to be present before the sub-registrar.

F) How the Registration Fees/Stamp Duty is calculated :
As per the valuation, Registration fee is to be paid as per fess table prescribed in Registration Act, 1908 which is 1% of the Market Value or maximum upto Rs.30 ,000 /- which is accepted by Challan paying cash in Reserve Bank of India or by Pay Order and Stamp Duty is calculated as per Ready Beckoner's rate which is decided according to the Division of Property and Cadastral Survey No. or CTS No. of the property.

The execution in the Deed along with two witness are required while presenting/lodging of the Deed for registration.

One Xerox Copy of the Deed along with butter paper are required while presenting the Deed for Registration.

Total registration procedure is about 30 minutes and on the same day document will be delivered to the concerned party.

G) Complaint Redressal Authority :

  1. The Inspector General of Registration and Controller of Stamps, Pune.
  2. The Collector of Mumbai City
  3. The Deputy Inspector General of Registration and Deputy Controller of Stamps, Mumbai.
  4. The Sub-Registrar and Administrative Office, Mumbai District, Mumbai.